Thanks for your interest in our products and services. In short, we would like to save you costs and CO2 emissions through energetic optimization of your cooling units accompanied by digitization.
We successfully implemented our products and services in >450 supermarkets (status: January 2021) and hope that you find them attractive too. Our solutions help to stabilise unit temperature, to prevent fault measuring caused by sensor dirtification, to prevent prio1 error messaging, to decrease peak load cycles of the compound system, and to safe up to 3 % of the electricity refrigeration consumption (worth approx. 1,000 € per year),
This website is all about creating a customized offer for you. In addition, we hope to assist you in receiving funding from BMWi (up to 30% of your costs) for realizing our energy conservation measures.
Our offer will include: (1) The air return temperature sensors of your wall units will be re-located to a position above the cooling unit’s floor, back from the sill and laterally mid of the door. An appropriate, thermally insulated sensor holder will be used. (2) The digitisation will accompany the sensor re-location due to quality assurance and the identification of additional improvement opportunities. The data collection on site will utilise our intuitive smartphone app. The data will be made available for you only, so that you have the data at hand for any maintenance or repairs. (3) We get in contact with you and assist with the paper work towards accessing the funding scheme that is subject to an assessment – if positive, you will receive a funding amount acc. to predefined market size categories.
We are looking forward to getting in contact with you!